Q. —— is the highest peak of Sahayadris.

A. Anaimudi
B. Mahabaleswar
C. Pushpagiri
D. Aroya-Konda

Q. ____ is the highest peak of Maghalaya Plateau.

A. None of the above
B. Shilong
C. Nokrek
D. Mirik

Q. Blue Revolution is related to

A. Oil production
B. Fish production
C. Food production
D. Milk production

Q. On which river has the Hirakud dam been built ?

A. Cauvery
B. Periyar
C. Godavari
D. Mahanadi

Q. The longest road bridge in India is on the river

A. Ganga
B. Godavari
C. Brahmaputra
D. Son

Q. A cold desert of India is

A. Thar
B. Tibbet
C. Shillong Plateau
D. Laddakh

Q. Clouded Leopard in West Bengal can be spotted in wild in

A. Sundarban
B. The forests of Purulia
C. Neora Vally
D. Buxa